@ Buchmesse 2018 – THE ARTS+


THE ARTS+ – with the subheading “Future of Culture Festival” – is a festival dedicated to the future of the creative and cultural industries and takes place at the Frankfurter Buchmesse in hall 4.1.

THE ARTS+ asks questions: How is our living environment and communication changing as history is being written increasingly in data and pixels – that is, not just by people, but by creative artificial intelligence? How is our understanding of culture and creativity, of human beings themselves as well as their legacy changing? What will be our (intellectual) legacy to the generations to come? Who will cultivate and curate it – and how?

These are all questions we discuss as part of THE ARTS+ programme – with politicians, creatives, designers and pioneers from technology and economics, and representatives from museums, cultural institutions, and media companies,. We’re convinced that the only way to solve the challenges of the future is by working together – which is why THE ARTS+ sees itself as a link between cultural worlds and aims to establish networks and synergies. The festival is also about financial alliances – the economic present and future of the creative industry. Finally, it is also dedicated to creating a new order and, with it, a new framework – financial and political, but also in terms of how the sectors understand and justify themselves.

Storyboarding @ HR Filmproduktion – Schlaraffenland


Für den vom hessischen Rundfunk produzierten Weihnachts-Spielfilm „Schlaraffenland“ entstand in langen Sessions mit Kameramann Dominik Schunk und Regisseur Carsten Fiebeler ein detailliertes Storyboard über 900 Panels, speziell für den hohen Anteil an VFX optimiert.

Eintracht Frankfurt e.V. – Werbeclips


Für Marketingzwecke erstellen wir aktuell 3 Werbefilme für Eintracht Frankfurt e.V.

Zur Bewerbung der Vorteile der Eintracht-Mitgliedskarte sollen Filme im Erklärvideo-Stil erstellt werden. Diese sollen unter anderem auf dem Videowürfel im Frankfurter Waldstadion, den Infoscreens an den Kassen und in den Frankfurter U- und Sbahn Videoscreens gezeigt werden.

Sobald die Produktion abgeschlossen ist freuen wir uns die Clips auf unserer Webseite zu zeigen.


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